Not Your Average Wine Company

We don’t market average wines, or employ average people. We don’t even have average hairstyles. We are Off-Piste Wines, and we’re pleased to meet you.

Founded way back in the depths of time (2007 to be exact) in the lovely Regency town of Cheltenham, Off-Piste Wines works with trusted wine producers from around the world to create brands than consumers want and love. We work closely with retailers to a diverse portfolio of wines that offer great value for money

To be honest, we would rather get together for a glass of Most Wanted or The Duke than describe our business over the internet ... we prefer wine to websites. But there’s a lot of curiosity about what we’re up to, and we recognise we are only capable of so many lunches in a year. So welcome to Off-Piste, online.

You'll see a snapshot of some of our wines on these pages but there are many more! We don't currently sell our wines on this site but you can buy a wide range of Most Wanted styles online, including our single serve cans of wine at, PinotPinot wines and cans at and a brand new venture in to the world of gin at 

Head to our brand pages to find out where you can buy the wines in the retailers or drop us a line at for more information.